Karen Hall founded Karen Hall & Company in 2002 to meet every bride’s need on her wedding day.  Karen has been a licensed cosmetologist for over 30 years and is continually bringing premier bridal beauty experience to the industry.  She is a national makeup artist who has customized special styles, color design and cosmetics for not only thousands of brides, but entertainers, media personalities, and models as well.

Karen Hall & Company are the specialists when it comes to airbrush makeup! Karen established the art of airbrush foundation in 2004.

Her work has been featured on television stations such as Fox 59, WTHR, and Wish TV.  She has also been featured in several national bridal magazines and has produced the Indiana Convention Center runway bridal show since 2001 as the head coordinator.


Karen Hall & Company has revolutionized the performing arts with the design concepts of Cosmetic Color Choreography TM. In the performing arts, stories are told. If one were to tell a story, words would be the music, and the face would be the picture. When in character, the face can enhance a visual and musical package. With over 25 years of experience, we will design a performance style and image all your own. Karen Hall & Company will bring that character to life.

Since 1998, Karen Hall & Company has revolutionized the industry. The truth is, status-quo design and the traditions of old will not set your group apart and above the rest. Serving the High Schools nationally and locally; Carmel High School Marching, Center Grove Marching Band, Park Vista High School, and Kennesaw Mountain Marching Band.  Designing for the BOA, Winter programs, and WGI participants.
Karen Hall & Company continue to lead the industry by providing exclusive designs for those with the competitive edge.





Karen Hall and Company offers educationally intensive courses for aspiring makeup artists and hair stylists. Classes offer students the ability to gain real life experience in the areas of bridal beauty and photo shoot artistry. Karen Hall and Company combines over 30 years of cosmetic experience with the latest makeup application techniques to bring a unique addition to your credentials.


Karen Hall & Co and Heather Myers of KHC have opened The Spray Spa! Airbrush Spray Tanning is simply the easiest way to give yourself a complete makeover within minutes and provides a safe, sunless tanning of your skin, transforming your look without the harmful effects of sun exposure. We bring you designer solutions by Aviva Labs that are formulated with safe, skin-nourishing organic ingredients to make you look and feel radiant!



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